PT Behaestex (Sarung ATLAS)

Captivating consumers by enhancing digital transformation through digital assets



Behaestex is one of the well-known experienced textile companies in Indonesia and one of the largest Muslim clothing manufacturers for a woven sarong product category. Behaestex preserves and develops traditional Indonesian cultural looms known as ATBM (Non-Machine Weaving Equipment). The sarongs and cloth are produced by ATBM which makes them a handwork product or handicrafts. Behaestex has two brands which are Sarung Atlas & Sarung BHS and has distributed its products throughout Indonesia and various countries in ASEAN, the Middle East, and Africa. In 2021, Behaestex launched Sarung Indonesia as the first sarong reseller and dropship platform Indonesia, Sarung Indonesia sells Behaestex products which were Sarung BHS and Sarung atlas.


Shifting from offline to online which focuses on branding of Sarung ATLAS. Sarung Indonesia is a new web commerce platform powered by Behaestex to provide special offers to customers and resellers. And as a new website, Sarung Indonesia needs to enrich relevant traffic and accelerate transactions through the website.


We divided the specific solution for Behaestex according to its segment. For Sarung ATLAS, we maintain their exposure through their digital channels, including social media and eCommerce platforms. 

‌We made a detailed strategy for each creative in line with the timeline and the trends of Sarung ATLAS. Sarung Indonesia as a newborn website that integrated Sarung ATLAS, Sarung BHS, and other Behaestex products into one website where the resellers and buyers can buy the products with special offers. Our goal is to have relevant traffic that could bring the transactions. We divide the strategy into two strategies that focus on website and social media and utilize all channels through the videos, banners, and catalogs with different creative messages and did the tech integrations to make the ads run in optimum mode and classified the audience based on relevancy. 


The campaigns ran from January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021, and targeted men and women in Indonesia between the ages of 18-54 years old. Behaestex earned the following results:


Total Impressions


Average Impressions Growth per Month


Total Reach


Average Reach Growth per Month


Performance Management

  • Social Media Ads
  • Catalog Ads
  • Display & Video Ads

Analytics & Tracking

  • Analytics-Driven Strategies
  • Advertising Studio

Creative Labs

  • Instant Experience
  • Mobile-first Creative
  • Responsive Display